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Duck Hunt Prize Redemption
By: Rocko

Duck Hunting | Prize Redemption

Enter the VZones Hunting Hub to find Happy Hunter. Click to talk to Happy Hunter...

Hunting Hub

 " Did you find all of the ducks from last months hunt? If you did that's great! Show them to me to receive a prize. " 

Starting with Duck #1, show each of the 17 Ducks to Happy Hunter, by talking to Happy Hunter while holding them.

Show the Ducks in the correct order...

Duck Hunt Day#1 '21
Duck Hunt Day#2 '21
Duck Hunt Day#3 '21
Duck Hunt Day#4 '21
Duck Hunt Day#5 '21
Duck Hunt Day#6 '21
Duck Hunt Day#7 '21
Duck Hunt Day#8 '21
Duck Hunt Day#9 '21
Duck Hunt Day#10 '21
Duck Hunt Day#11 '21
Duck Hunt Day#12 '21
Duck Hunt Day#13 '21
Duck Hunt Day#14 '21
Duck Hunt Day#15 '21
Duck Hunt Day#16 '21
Duck Hunt Day#17 '21

 " Yep, you got it. Please show me the next one. " 

Present any one of the Ducks in the wrong order...

 " That's not the duck I'm looking for. Please show me duck number X " 

Complete presenting all 17, in the correct order...

 " You found them all! Well done! Now please empty your hands and talk to me again to receive your reward. " 

With empty hands, once again talk to Happy Hunter, to receive...

Dippy Duck

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