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Baking Instructions 4
By: Rocko

Crafting Kitchen

Go to the Market Place Co-Op to get the ingredients from the vendo...

Market Place Co-Op

Bowl of Fresh Strawberries - 10 T

Heavy Whipping Cream - 10 T

Sugar - 5 T

Carton of Milk - 10 T

Scoop of Cocoa Powder - 10 T

Ice Cream Cone - 10 T

Cooking / Baking Class

Click on the Ice Cream Blender while holding an ingredient, and place each of the 6 ingredients into the Ice Cream Blender.

  "You put the Bowl of Fresh Strawberries into the Blender"  
  "You put the Heavy Whipping Cream into the Blender."  
  "You put the Sugar into the Blender."  
  "You put the Carton of Milk into the Blender."  
  "You put the Scoop of Cocoa Powder into the Blender."  
  "You prepare the Ice Cream Cone ready to take the contents of the Blender."  
  "You have put all the ingredients inthe Blender! You just need to turn it on now."  

Click on the Ice Cream Blender to turn it on.

  "You turn on the Blender."  
  "You take your Ice Cream from the Blender. Well done!"  

Neapolitan Ice Cream Cone '21

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