Enter singly or as a small group (2).

Once inside, exits will be blocked.
Find the hidden character clues in the room/s.

Characters can include: Letters A-Z and Numbers 0-9.

Characters can be hidden...

• Behind an item.
• In front of an item.
• On an item.
• The same color as an item.
• As part of an items decor.
• By rotating items.
• Moving items, by starting or stopping animation.
• Rotating items, by using Test Colours.
• And any other evil ways we can devise!

When you've entered a room, click on the walls or the floor [Clues and rules] to get the Puzzle Page for that room.


Once you've ascertained what you believe to be the correct answer,
You must ESP your answer to the room host.
In some cases, a correct answer will let you gain access to the next room.

If you answer all puzzles correctly within the time limit, you receive a prize.

If your answer is incorrect, you must once again make arrangements to re-enter the room/s.

There is a 60 minute time limit.
If your time expires before you recite the correct answer,
You will be removed the rooms', so the next players/s can enter.
If there are no players in line, the time limit will be ignored.

Rooms/themes will change periodically. If you miss a room/theme, you miss that prize.

If you're able to complete the puzzle in an inordinate amount of time,
it will be assumed that you have previously received the answers,
and it will play a role in whether The Escape Room continues.

Remember, your secrecy of the character clues and jumble, will assure others get the opportunity to escape!

The Escape Room.

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