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Skin Paint Bot In Paint Station
Posted by: Rocko


Skin Bot

Temple Street Turfs
Up Dn

Paint Station Entrance

See instructions at bottom of page.

[Name: Samantha]

You may say "Help" onscreen to get these instructions:

  Hello <name>, I am Samantha your friendly hard working skin painter.  
  I understand the following voice commands:  
  1) help  
  2) paint skin  
  example:- paint skin 45 46 47 48 49  

Determine the 5 digit Paint Code you want to use to on a Skin Paintable Wearable (one that has an 8 in the name),
using the "Test colours & graphics" of the VZones Client on the item you want to paint.

To paint the Skin Paintable Wearable, say "paint skin", followed by your 5 digit paint code.

  paint skin 1 2 3 4 5  

If your hands are empty you, you will see...

  Your hands are currently empty, please hold an SKIN accessory to use this command.  

If you are not holding a Skin Painable Wearable, you will see...

  You must be holding a valid SKIN accessory to paint it.  

If you are holding a Skin Paintable Wearable, you will see your Skin Paintable Wearable change color!

Congratulations! You can now paint your Skin Paintable Wearables!

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