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Slot Bot In NuYu
Posted by: Rocko


Slot Change Bot
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NuYu Lobby

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See instructions at bottom of page.

  You have entered as an avatar; ghosts are not allowed in this locale.  
 " To find out how to use the Slot Change Bot " 
 " say "help" and the bot will give instructions " 
 " Your item must have a * in the name to change slots " 

Slot Change Bot

Susans TMA:
[Name: Susan]
[Description: Friendly Slot Bot: Ask Help]

Read these instructions carefully!

First considerations:
1. For any item to be "slot changeable", it must contain an asterisk(*) in the name.
If there is no asterisk(*), the item cannot be "slot changed".

And 2. If it is an ON/OFF item, it also cannot be "slot changed".

If your item is "slot changeable", continue with the instructions....

There are 3 slots on each head...

0 - Head Slot
1 - Eyes/Face Slot
2 Mouth/Neck Slot

The "0 - Head Slot" holds all kinds of wearables.
The "1 - Eyes/Face Slot" specifically holds eyewear (glasses) and jewelery (earrings).
The "2 Mouth/Neck Slot" specifically holds mouth items (pipes) and jewelery (necklaces).

If you place any jewelery or eyewear in a slot other than its intended slot,
it will be worn at the incorrect height on your head.

This may take some trial and error, but there is a logical pattern to them.
For instance:
1. If a dress* removes a necklace, it is in Slot 2 (Mouth/Neck) and must be moved.
If you move it to Slot 1 (Eyes/Face), you cannot wear earrings.
That leaves Slot 0 (Head).

2. If you want to wear a top*, using the same logic as above, it must be in Slot 0 (Head).
If you ALSO want to wear a skirt*, and jewelry (necklace), the skirt* must be in Slot 1 (Eyes/Face), but you cannot wear jewelery (earrings).
However, if the skirt* is placed in Slot 2 (Mouth/Neck), you can wear jewelery (earrings), but you cannot wear jewelery (necklaces).

Once you've decided you understand the instructions and are ready to go,
the following onscreen messages will tell you about any issues or completion.

You may say "Help" onscreen and get these instructions:
  Hello <name>, I am Susan your friendly Bot.  
  I understand the following voice commands:  
  1) help  
2) 0
3) 1
4) 2
To change the accessory's slot, enter the new slot value (0, 1 or 2):
example:- 1 (change slot to 1)
Which slot would you like the accessory changing to? (0, 1 or 2)

If your item is NOT slot changeable, you will see...
Starting slot change
You must be holding a valid accessory to change its slot.

Say "0", "1", or "2", with empty hands, and you will see...
Starting slot change
Your hands are currently empty, please hold an accessory to use this command.

Say "0", "1", or "2", and if the held item is currently in that slot, you will see...
Starting slot change
Your accessory is already in this slot, please choose another slot.

Say "0", "1", or "2", to change the slot,
and if everything is OK, you will see...

Starting slot change
Slot change finished OK

Congratulations! You've changed slots!

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