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September 2022 Pan Prizes

September Prize Schedule
Week 1 (September 1-6) Amusing Amethyst & Arctic Brooks
Week 2 (September 7-12) Autumn Silas & Blushing Moonstone
Week 3 (September 13-18) Daffodil Dilly & Glistening Glacier
Week 4 (September 19-24) Meadow Brook & Promising Pyrite
Week 5 (September 25-31) Rockin Rhodium & Slithering Serpentine

Main Prizes

Amusing's Wings (L)'22
Amusing's Wings (S)

Arctic's Wings (L)'22
Arctic's Wings (S)

Autumn's Wings (L)'22
Autumn's Wings (S)

Blushing's Wings (L)'22
Blushing's Wings (S)

Daffodil's Wings (L)'22
Daffodil's Wings (S)

Glistening's Wings (L)'22
Glistening's Wings (S)

Meadow's Wings (L)'22
Meadow's Wings (S)

Promising's Wings (L)'22
Promising's Wings (S)

Rockin's Wings (L)'22
Rockin's Wings (S)

Slithering's Wings (L)'22
Slithering's Wings (S)

Amusing's Wings to Fly(C)'22

Arctic's Wings to Fly(C)'22

Autumn's Wings to Fly(C)'22

Blushing's Wings to Fly(C) '22

Daffodil's Wings to Fly(C)'22

Glistening's Wings to Fly(C)'22

Meadow's Wings to Fly(C)'22

Promising's Wings to Fly(C)'22

Rockin's Wings to Fly(C)'22

Slithering's Wings to Fly(C)'22

Amusing's Lady Luck '22

Arctic's Lady Luck '22

Autumn's Lady Luck '22

Blushing's Lady Luck '22

Daffodil's Lady Luck '22

Glistening's Lady Luck '22

Meadow's Lady Luck '22

Promising Lady Luck '22

Rockin's Lady Luck '22

Slithering's Lady Luck '22

Door Prizes

Amusing Mighty Horns '22

Arctic Mighty Horns '22

Autumn Mighty Horns '22

Blushing Mighty Horns '22

Daffodil Mighty Horns '22

Glistening Mighty Horns '22

Lyrical Mighty Horns '22

Promising Mighty Horns '22

Rockin Mighty Horns '22

Slithering Mighty Horns '22

Amusing Asp '22

Arctic Asp '22

Autumn Asp '22

Blushing Asp '22

Daffodil Asp '22

Glistening Asp '22

Lyrical Asp '22

Promising Asp '22

Rockin Asp '22

Slithering Asp '22

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