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September 2022 Prize Market Prizes

PM VZ Classic Vendo / Prize Art
This room contains classic VZ Vendo and Prize art. It will be rotated monthly.

3 Vouchers

Red Fox '22

T-Shirt Teddy (ENG) '22

Pumpkin Spice Latte '22

Fall Foliage Wreath '22

Cuddly Creeper '22

Happy Labor Day '22

Back to School '22

5 Vouchers

Freeloader '22

Bumble Bee Bubbles '22

September Insignia '22

You've Been Peenk'd! '22

Cat Tree Seat '22

Pastel Python '22

Apple Picking Time! (C) '22

Keeping it Cool (C) '22

8 Vouchers

September Gremlin '22

10 Vouchers

September Prize Fuzzie '22

Jurassic T-Rex '22

PM Specials & Classic AW
This room contains Prize Market Specials and Classic AW. It will be rotated monthly.

10 Vouchers

AW Steampunk Skirt - beige

AW *Steampunk Shirt - beige

AW Popcorn Costume

AW Popcorn Costume

AW Head Piece

Envelope (C) (Eng)

AW Crazy Rabbit

AW Water Pipe

AW * Classic Steampunk Shirt

AW Padded Bar Stool

PM Shop Specials
This room contains selected items from VARiATiONS and Turf Furnishing Megastore. It will be rotated monthly.

4 Vouchers

AW 4 in 1 Baroque Mirror

6 Vouchers

AW Pink Flamingo Deco

AW Asian Armoire - blue (C)

10 Vouchers

AW Stone Hearth

AW English Ivy Collection

AW Gold Leaf Headboard - cherry

AW Tiki Table

20 Vouchers

AW Seasonal CountryAdobe Hearth

AW Kitchen Island Cabinet - oak

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