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January 2021 Prize Market Prizes

PM VZ Classic Vendo / Prize Art
This room contains classic VZ Vendo and Prize art. It will be rotated monthly..

2 Vouchers

Dweebie '21

Kitty Kat '21

3 Vouchers

Wooly Mittens '21

Rockin' New Year Dino (C) '21

Winter Hat purple '21

Fruit Loaf '21

4 Vouchers

Little Wormy Thing [C] '21

Snowy The Snowman '21

Spear - Palace Guard '21

Red Handbag [C] '21

Red Dragon '21

5 Vouchers

Flower Power '21

Happy Feet '21

Snow Shovel '21

Wooden Chest [C] '21

Christmas Dinner '20
Which contains...

Mashed Potatoes '20

Apple Pie '20

Shrimp Cocktail '20

Peas '20

Christmas Pudding '20

Christmas Cake '20

8 Vouchers

January Gremlin '21

10 Vouchers

January Prize Fuzzie '21

Snake Seat '21

PM Exclusives
This room contains items exclusive to the Prize Market. It will be rotated monthly.

All 10 Vouchers

AW Golf Bag - blue/white

AW Golf Bag [C] bl/red

AW * Tiny Draped Dress pl/pink

AW * Tiny Sailor Dress aqu/pl

AW Tweed Shirt - green

AW * X's & O's Dress - gr/bl

AW Gunslinger - red [SKIN)*

AW * Business Suit -pink/bl

AW Kitchen Chair - black

PM Shop Specials
This room contains selected items from VARiATiONS and Turf Furnishing Megastore. It will be rotated monthly.

8 Vouchers

AW *Lil Polkadot Dress-gold

*Lucy Get Your Groove On -rose

10 Vouchers

AW *Shorts & Tank Set - gothic

AW *Men's Zip Hoodie - rust

AW Peekaboo Corset-steel[SKIN)*

AW Hibiscus Dress - gold

AW Floral Wrap Shirt - teal

AW Elf Hat [SKIN]* - red/gold

16 Vouchers

AW *Men's Svelte Jacket - coal

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