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May 2021 Prize Market Prizes

PM VZ Classic Vendo / Prize Art
This room contains classic VZ Vendo and Prize art. It will be rotated monthly..

2 Vouchers

Ballet Slippers '21

Lime juice '21

3 Vouchers

May Pole '21

Flower Bear '21

Broken Heart [C]'21

Red Roses '21

Blue Wrap '21

Loading VZ '21

4 Vouchers

Spring Flowers '21

Baby Dragon '21

Boy Blue '21

5 Vouchers

May Insignia '21

Last Train(C) '21

6 Vouchers

Faerie Queen '21

8 Vouchers

May Gremlin '21

10 Vouchers

Swing Seat '21

May Prize Fuzzie '21

PM Exclusives
This room contains items exclusive to the Prize Market. It will be rotated monthly.

All 10 Vouchers

AW *Lil Man's Pants & Shirt - b

AW *Office Attire red/white

AW *Business Casual Dress

AW *Beach Bikini - red

AW Robin Hood (m) - blue

AW *Lucy's Pant Suit

AW Wheelbarrow [C]

AW Steampunk Steamer Trunk[C]

AW Vertical Blinds red
(Actual Size)

PM Shop Specials
This room contains selected items from VARiATiONS and Turf Furnishing Megastore. It will be rotated monthly.

8 Vouchers

AW *Lucy's Night Dress - pink

10 Vouchers

AW Female Kilt - pink

AW LuDuDz Socialite[SKIN]*-purp

AW *Bubble Suit - sky blue

AW Border Dress - standard

AW *Men's Zip Hoodie - slate

12 Vouchers

AW *Pandora - Blue[SKIN]*

AW *Chained Melody - denim

AW Inaugural BallGown[SKIN]*-pu

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