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October 2021 Prize Market Prizes

PM VZ Classic Vendo / Prize Art
This room contains classic VZ Vendo and Prize art. It will be rotated monthly..

2 Vouchers

Devil Duck - '21

Blood Sucker [C] '21

Dead Roses '21

Vampire Blood '21

Swamp Weed '21

3 Vouchers

Hell's Fire Dragon '21

Dragon Candle '21

Gremlin '21

Punked Robin '21 (C)

Small Gargoyle '21

4 Vouchers

Slime Worms '21 [C]

Stacked Gargoyles '21

5 Vouchers

Vampire Butterfly '21

October Insignia '21

Table '21 [C]

8 Vouchers

October Gremlin '21

10 Vouchers

Snail '21

October Prize Fuzzie '21

PM Exclusives
This room contains items exclusive to the Prize Market. It will be rotated monthly.

10 Vouchers

AW *Party Dress gold/black

AW *DD Fairydress -burnt orange

*Lu-DuDz PartyDress-pkin[SKIN]*

AW Zombie Chopper

AW Pumpkin Splat

AW*Lounging Shorts - blue

AW*Lounging Shorts - grey

AW A Haunted Chair bl/gr

AW Spider Clock

PM Shop Specials
This room contains selected items from VARiATiONS and Turf Furnishing Megastore. It will be rotated monthly.

8 Vouchers

AW Tiny Flapper Costume - red

10 Vouchers

AW DD Prommie - black

AW Silk Florals - aqua

AW LuDuDz Luva - blue[SKIN]*

AW Men's Leather Duster - sunny

12 Vouchers

AW Queen of Hearts -autumn(DEF

AW *Long Skirt & Top - grey

AW *Coverup(M)-black[SKIN]*

16 Vouchers

AW *Medieval Maiden Gown - fire

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