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September 2020 Prizes

PM VZ Classic Vendo / Prize Art
This room contains classic VZ Vendo and Prize art. It will be rotated monthly..

3 Vouchers

Put Out The Trash '20 (C)

Mop It Up '20

Envelope '20 (C) (Eng)

4 Vouchers

Pink Orchid '20

5 Vouchers

Ride a Cock Horse '20

Native Headdress '20

Native Princess '20

Hair Band '20

Ring Necklace '20

Eagle '20

Sabre Toothed Lion '20 (C)

Surprise! '20 (C)

Jester's Joke Box '20 (C)

6 Vouchers

Ginger Tom From Next Door '20

8 Vouchers

September Gremlin '20

Elf Staff '20

10 Vouchers

Prize Fuzzie '20

Arabian Nights '20

PM Classic AW And New Art
This room contains Classic AW and/or New Art. It will be rotated monthly.

All 10 Vouchers

AW*Lounging Shorts - prp

AW Ladies Classic Purse (C)

AW *Bubbly Bow Skirt - white

AW *Halter Top blk/gold

AW Peahen

AW*Formal Gown - black

AW Cat Tail - grey

AW Cat Tail - brown

AW Black Widow Parasol - blk/rd

PM Shop Specials
This room contains selected items from VARiATiONS and Turf Furnishing Megastore. It will be rotated monthly.

6 Vouchers 12 Vouchers

AW FireFighter's Hat - yellow

AW FireFighter Jacket - yellow

10 Vouchers

AW *Hooded Kitten Costume -prpl

AW *DD Flame Shirt - black/blue

AW *Britney's Back to School-3

AW DD NiNI Lucy - sexy

AW *Patched Poppets -peppermint

AW Titania Dress -cake frosting

16 Vouchers

AW Kymer Goddess - fire(DEF)

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