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Witches Quest
By: Rocko

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A Wicked Witch appeared on Temple Street.

Second Kingdom Pathway

Click on the Wicked Witch to talk to her.

 " Fools! Did you think I wouldn't come back!? Ahahahhaaaa " 
 " I warned you that I would bring chaos to your lands! And it starts with Trelmer!! " 
 " Mark my words, that town will be obliterated and all its people vanquished! AAAaaahahahha " 
 " Already many of the townspeople have ran away like rats! And what do they think they will find up pans mountains? " 
 " It matters not, for once their town has gone, I will hunt them down, one by one, starting with Poo, Fools! " 

Go to Pan Mountain, Mountain Hangout, to find Rhoslyn.

Mountain Hangout

Click on her to talk to her.

 " I just can't believe what is happening to my town of Trelmer. What has that evil witch got against us!? " 
 " Our people are currently en-route through the dangerous mountain routes in search for a new home, the place where our ancesters lived. " 
 " Are you looking to climb the mountain too? If this is the case, then please could you help our people to make passage, " 
 " we are currently stranded midway up due to various issues. Arithond is in charge up there, he would give you the details. " 
 " I warn you though, my people are in a very defensive and potentially hostile mood right now, understandably so with what is happening. " 
 " If you are to go up then I would suggest you present to them a suitable gift to show your good intentions. " 
 " Our people love beer, so something like a special green brew from abroad will suffice, something more exotic than the local beers. " 
 " Also, the mountains can be treacherous. You need to be adequately prepared for the climb. " 
 " Find a suitable compass and an Atlus of the region. Bring these back to me with the beer and I'll check that you are ready to head up. " 
 " I would suggest the magic shop in Kymer as an appropriate place to search for the Atlus. " 
 " For the compass though, that could be tricky. hmm ..Maybe some sailer has one? " 

Proceed to Kymer Travel Agency, click to pet Ruby the Parrot, and receive a Compass.

 " Squawk Squawk! Finders keepers! " 

Kymer Travel Agency

Sailors Compass

Go to the 2nd floor LEFT of the Magic Shop, to receive the Pans Mountains Region Atlas.

Magic Study

Pans Mountains Region Atlas

Go back to Pan Mountain, Mountain Hangout, and again talk to Rhoslyn...

Mountain Hangout

While holding the Sailors Compass...

 " Yes, this compass willl help you to keep on the right track. " 
 " Have you brought the other things you need? " 

While holding the Pans Mountains Region Atlas...

 " Great find, this Atlus is perfect for the journey ahead. " 
 " Have you brought the other things you need? " 

While holding the Green Beer Ireland Reward '21 you received in the Ireland Quest...

 " Wow, what an interesting beer you have there, the guys are surely going to enjoy this. " 
 " You have brought everything required. Please help my people, and we will be forever in your debt. " 

Talk to Rhoslyn one more time...

 " Just step on over the log to get to the start of the mountain path. " 

Mountain Hangout

Step over (Pass Through) the log into the snowy locales from the Xmas Quest.

Go U R R R U U U U U U U L L L L L L L L to Mountains.

A sleeping Captain Theobald can be found sleeping on a bench.

Ring the bell to wake him!


 " Phoo! What you doing waking me up!? Just who are you anyway? " 

Use the Password Name of "River"...

 " Oh, I see. My apologise, you are much earlier than expected soldier. Talk to me when your ready for the briefing. " 
 " Remember, this information is for your ears only. We have a situation north of the Ice Plains. " 
 " The first two groups of our people who ventured up there has disappeared. No word if they are still alive even. " 
 " All we have to go on is rumours of an evil presense up there... These rumours become more common " 
 " around the surrounding areas of the Ice Palace located at the most northern point of the plains. " 
 " This is a tough mission River, but we need you to go up there and find out what dangers lay ahead, and any information that may help us to progress. " 
 " Empty your hands, and I will issue you with a letter to show to the guard at the gate, he will let you through. And be careful soldier. We don't want another soul lost out there. " 

Empty your hands, if need be, and talk to Captain Theobald again to receive the Captain Theobalds Signature.

 " Here's the letter, it's signed, so you should have no problems getting past the guard with this. It might also be useful to show some other people who are helping our cause. " 

Captain Theobalds Signature

 " Bring back good news soldier. " 

On to Part 2...

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