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Witch's Request
Posted by: Rocko

Temple St. Terrace Entrance

Speak to the Wicked Witch...
  "Aaarghh! I've lost my blasted magical seeds! How am I going to grow my pumpkin plants now!? I'm sure I left them on a shelf somewhere??"  
  "Don't think I haven't noticed your wizard friend has brought SK back to it's original location. I will deal with him personally."  
  "As for SK.. well, I might consider leaving it alone if you can bring me my favourite ice cream.."  
  "a vampire friend of mine used to make them for me before I cooked him alive in my cauldron."  
  "Speaking of which, if you bring me the ice cream I will throw the cauldron into the bargain, it's sound activated. Now go and get me that Ice Cream!"  

Crafting Kitchen

Make some Halloween Dracula Ice Cream '21 by following these instructions.

Go back to the Witch, talk to her again while holding the Ice Cream, to receive...

Bubbling Cauldron

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