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Tourist Attraction #1 Intro - Kymer Zoo | Tourist Attraction #1 - Kymer Zoo

Tourist Attraction #1 Intro - Kymer Zoo
By: Rocko

Upon entering Safe Deposit Boxes with an empty hand, Bank Clerk speaks...

Safe Deposit Boxes

 " The jewels have been returned! I can't believe you guys actually did it! " 
 " Let me be the first to congratulate you. Please empty your hands and take this reward on behalf of the Bank Of kymer. " 

And you receive...

Tourist Attraction Ticket #1

Proceed to the Kymer Zoo entrance...
(Up 4 locales from Hill Top Park Reflecting Pond)

Kymer Zoo

Pass through the doors to Zoo Tickey Entry and Miss Audrey Peckleworth speak...

Zoo Ticket Entry

 " Welcome to Kymer Zoo. Please show me your 'Tourist Attraction Ticket #1' for entry. " 

While holding the Tourist Attraction Ticket #1, talk to Miss Audrey Peckleworth again.

 " Thank you. Please go on through the door behind me to see the animals. We also have a refectory through the door on the right. " 

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