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Canada Intro | Canada

Canada Intro
By: Rocko

Proceed to the Kymer Travel Agency in Surfside.
(One left of Surfside Boardwalk)

Pass through the door and with empty hands, talk to Travel Agent Janine...

Kymer Travel Agency

 " Hiya, are you here to travel? We handle the ferries here, if you want to fly to other Cities you need to go to Seducity International Airport. " 
 " Don't forget your passport! You can obtain one from the Kymer post office.. " 
 " ..Oh btw! We have a ferry trip coming up on the 2nd July for Canada Day! " 
 " Here, take your free ticket and enjoy! " 

Receive from Janine...

Canada Day Ferry Ticket '21

Proceed out and to the left, to Kymer Ferry Dock.

 " Ahoy landlubber! Are ye be lookin' to sail wi' old Captain Seamus? " 

Kymer Ferry Dock

While holding the Canada Day Ferry Ticket '21, talk to Cap'n Seamus...

 " Aye that ticket checks out. All aboard! We be settin' sail shortly! " 

Pass through the Ferry Boat Door to Ferry Out To Sea.

Ferry Out To Sea

While the ship is sailing, Cap'n Seamus addresses us over the Loud Speaker...

 " This be Cap'n Seamus speaking. " 
 " Yar, be sittin in a nice seat an we will be gettin' at da destination soon. " 
 " Welcome to yer new place of visitin' land lubbers! " 
 " Try 'an not be trippin on da door when ya exit. " 

Pass through the Open Ferry Door to Toronto Harbour Ferry Arrivals.

Toronto Harbour Ferry Arrivals

Welcome to Canada!

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